Self Care Guides

Bath & Body Oil

Orange and ginger, with mood-boosting black pepper and geranium essential oils, to soothe the aches of days well spent.

We combine a calming blend of skin-treating oils – vitamin E-rich sweet almond oil, high in omega-3 hemp oil, antioxidant-boosting raspberry seed oil and rejuvenating sea buckthorn oil – with a warm orange scent and a hint of comforting lavender, petitgrain and cedarwood.

How to: 

Add a capful to running bath water or massage into damp skin. Senior Therapist, Morwenna White, at Swim Club, Watergate Bay Hotel describes massage techniques below:

Effleurage is a gentle, gliding massage technique that is used to relax and soothe the body. This massage movement is used to help increase circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. It is typically used at the beginning of a massage to relax and prepare the body for more intense techniques.

Petrissage: Petrissage is a deeper massage technique that is used to knead the muscles, helping to further increase circulation. It is done by using your fingers and thumbs to make circular motions.

Tapotement: This technique involves tapping the skin with your fingers or palms to stimulate the muscles.         

Try breathing deep: Inhale for a slow count of 4 and exhale for a count of 8. This is a great way to relax both body and mind. 

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Body Lotion

Uplifting citrus, relaxing linden and moisturising samphire extract blended to soothe the mind and relive the day’s adventures.

We combine mood-boosting grapefruit and orange with calming mint and linden essential oils to soften 

day-worn, sea-splashed skin. The natural smoothing properties of samphire, shea butter and sweet almond oil moisturise and protect, leaving you ready to embrace the elements again.

How to:

Apply all over after bathing.

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Bath Salts

Cleansing Himalayan, Epsom and sea salts infused with calming lavender and linden, and uplifting orange essential oils, to sweeten time out for adventure-tired limbs.

Sink into an orange, grapefruit and mandarin bath, with relaxing lavender, linden and geranium. Our blend of salts works to deeply cleanse, draw out toxins, stimulate circulation and improve hydration – with the antioxidizing properties of vitamin-rich rosehip and blackcurrant seed oils – helping to keep your skin looking soft and healthy. 

How to: 

Add a small handful to warm, running bath (or foot bath) water and allow to dissolve.

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Salt Scrub

Rejuvenating sea salt and sea buckthorn, with uplifting orange, rosemary and mint essential oils to invigorate and cleanse windswept skin.

Sea salt and Himalayan pink salt, in a detoxifying scrub that calms and cleanses the skin. Moisturising Kukui and Argan oil and a calm

ing rosemary, lavender and ylang ylang scent bring balance alongside healing sea buckthorn. Our scrub may help improve skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. 

“This scrub does for your skin what time spent outside does for your soul. It invigorates, nourishes and calms. The combination of sea salt with sea buckthorn, rosemary, orange and mint is so revitalising.” Pix Ashworth, land&water Founder

How to:

Apply to dry skin & rub in gentle circular movements towards the heart. Shower and pat dry. 

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Pulse Point Oil | Sleep

Drift into dreams of moonlit water with calming Lavender & Chamomile to relax, soothe and smooth your bedtime rituals.

A fragrant blend of natural flower, fruit and leaf essential oils, carefully selected to lull and restore mind and body. See out the day with mood-lifting, anxiety-relieving jasmine, holy basil and palmarosa, while rejuvenating sea buckthorn oil works its wonders as you sleep. For restful fresh-air inspired slumbers…

How to:

Roll onto clean and dry skin – inner wrists, neck or temples as needed. 

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Lobster and Fizz

Indulge in our Lobster and Fizz evenings every Thursday from 6-9pm, starting 4th July. Enjoy a delightful half lobster, paired with a refreshing glass of fizz, all for just £35 per person. Book now for an unforgettable culinary experience! Available throughout July and August.