Celebrate Twixmas with a touch of elegance at Stanwell House, where festive charm graces every corner. The warm ambiance, complemented by tasteful festive decor, sets the scene for reconnecting with friends and enjoying a moment of calm.

Beyond the hotel’s welcoming embrace, Lymington invites exploration with its quaint coastal walks and vibrant market. Stanwell House becomes not just a luxurious escape but a portal to a Twixmas brimming with relaxation and the coastal charm that defines this picturesque British town. We only have limited rooms available, so book your room now to ensure a delightful escape during this festive season.

English Wine Week

In honour of English Wine Week, we are delighted to offer a special edition of our Francesca’s Favourites Wine menu, for which our talented Restaurant Manager, Francesca, has perfectly paired Gusbourne Wines with delectable dishes. Join us all this week from 12pm-9pm, and let’s raise a toast to good food, great wine, and unforgettable moments!